CT DEP Proposes New Regulations Critical to Stream Health

1. Proposed amendments to CT's Water Quality Standards regulations: NRWA submitted comments to CT DEP in July 2009 in response to their Notice of Intent to revise CT’s Water Quality Standards for our waterways.

CT DEP has since proposed amendments to their Standards with the intent to improve and protect the water resources of the State. Changes and amendments proposed for revision include, but are not limited to:

  • numeric criteria for toxic pollutants;
  • standards for temperature;
  • standards for dissolved oxygen in marine waters;
  • standards for biological condition;
  • allowable discharges to Class A water bodies;
  • the antidegradation implementation policy;
  • surface water quality classification maps; and
  • other minor changes or clarifications.

Proposed water quality classification maps by city/town can be viewed at the DEP web site.

During the public comment period, a public information session will be held on 1/26 (snow date 1/28) and a public hearing will be held on 2/3 (snow date 2/4). The deadline to submit comments is 2/15/10.

For further details, visit the DEP web site.

2. Proposed Streamflow Protection Regulations – The vast majority of the state’s waterways are currently not protected against water withdrawals and are vulnerable to over-withdrawals from which the streams can become completely dry. The proposed regulations would require users taking water from a river system to maintain natural river flows downstream that are necessary for the survival of fish and for the natural cleansing that a stream needs to remain healthy. Further summary of the regulations, an informative power point presentation from DEP, and details on what you can do to ensure these regulations are passed into law are available on the ‘Stream Flow Regulations’ section of Trout Unlimited’s website at http://www.mianustu.org/streamflowregulations.html

The public hearing is 1/21/10, and written testimony is due 2/4/10.


Monitoring Water Quality in the Norwalk River
The Norwalk River Watershed Association provides funding to the Harbor Watch/River Watch Program for the on-going monitoring of water quality throughout the Norwalk River. Harbor Watch/River Watch is based out of Earthplace in Westport, CT and provides NRWA with periodic water quality reports (available for download below), as well as presents a summary of the year's findings at our annual meeting each Spring.

Download Water Quality Reports





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