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In 1997 a list of background documents was created by the organizers of a conference dealing with the Norwalk River watershed. That bibliography, in a reorganized form and with some additions and deletions, is listed below.

1998     The Norwalk River Watershed Action Plan, prepared by the Norwalk River Watershed Initiative Committee
1997 Norwalk River Watershed Streamwalk Findings Report, U.S. Dept of Agr, Natural Resources Conservation Service
1996 Norwalk Harbor Management Plan, 1996 Plan Addendum, Norwalk Harbor Management Commission

1996     Volunteer Monitoring Data, The Nature Center for Environmental Activities, Harbor Watch/River Watch
1995 Town of Wilton - Townwide Water Quality Monitoring Data
1995 Water Quality Survey Report, Upper Norwalk River, Conn Dept of Environmental Protection
1995 1994 Annual Assessment for the Shellfish Growing Waters in the City of Norwalk, Conn State Dept of Agriculture
1994 A survey of the Benthic Macro invertebrate Communities of the Upper Norwalk River (Ridgefield, CT), R.Pepedis
1991 Norwalk River Eutrophication/Nutrient Analysis, A.Mauger, Conn Dept of Environmental Protection
1991 Water Quality Report, City of Norwalk, Water Quality Committee
1991 Water Quality Assessment of the Norwalk River, Norwalk, Connecticut, Conn Dept of Environmental Protection
1990 Report for Gilbert and Bennett Renovations, King's Mark Environmental Review Team
1989 Benthic Macro invertebrate Data, Branchville and Winnipauk, 1978-89, unpublished data, Conn Dept of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Management, Hartford, CT
1982 Derivation of Site Specific Water Quality Criteria for the Norwalk River at Georgetown, CT, L.Dunbar and E.Pizzuto, Jr., Conn Dept of Environmental Protection
?? Water Quality Survey Report of the Norwalk Harbor and Upstream, Conn Dept of Agriculture

1997     Stream Channel Encroachment Lines - Hearing Examiner's Report, Conn Dept of Environmental Protection
1997 Norwalk River Watershed Pl-566 Project; Summary of Findings; U.S. Dept of Agr - Natural Resources Conservation Service
1995 Water Resources Development in Connecticut (Norwalk River); U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Revised Nov. 1995
1976 Final environmental impact statement, Norwalk River Watershed PL566, Fairfield County, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service
1965 Workplan for Watershed Protection, Flood Prevention, Wetland Wildlife, Natural Resources Development for the Norwalk River Watershed, U.S. Department of Agriculture

FEMA maps

DOT Region Map. Route 7 Project Location Map

2007 Alternate Sewage Treatment Systems- White Paper (PDF)
Ann. Water Resources Data, Connecticut, U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Div, Hartford, Conn, Annual Reports, 1980-present
Ann. State of Connecticut 305(b) Report, Conn Dept of Environmental Protection, (Annual)
1997     Water Quality Classifications - Southwest Coastal Basin, Draft, May 1997, Conn Dept of Environmental Protection
1996 Water Quality Standards, State of Connecticut, Dept of Environmental Protection, Water Management Bureau
1996 Connecticut Water Bodies not Meeting Connecticut Water Quality Standards in 1996, Including Those bodies for which Development of a Pollution Control Plan is Required, 303(d) List, Conn Dept of Environmental Protection
1996 Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessment and Management Plan, CT's 6217 Submission: Managing Coastal Nonpoint Sources of Pollution
1996 Organochlorine Compounds and Trace Elements in Fish Tissue and Ancillary Data for the Connecticut, Housatonic, and Thames River Basin Study Unit, 1992-94, U.S. Geological Survey, Open File Report 96-358
1996 Inorganic and organic constituents and grain size distribution stream bed sediment and ancillary data for the Connecticut, Housatonic and Thames River Basin Study Unit 1992-94, U.S. Geological Survey 96-397
1995 Water Quality Assessment of the Connecticut, Housatonic, and Thames River Basin Study Unit: Analysis of Available Data on Nutrients, Suspended Sediments, and Pesticides, 1972-1992, U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Investigations Report 95-4203
1994 Long Island Sound Study Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan, CT/NY/EPA, 1994
1993 Priority Ranking of Subregional Basins for Nitrogen Management, C.Frink, P.Stacey, S.Beede and the NPS Workgroup, LISS, 1993
1991 A Survey of Connecticut Streams and Rivers - Central Coast and Western Coastal Drainages, N.Hagstrom, M.Humphreys, and W.Hyatt, Conn Dept of Environmental Protection
1970 Trends in Surface Water Quality of CT, Part 4, Southwestern Coastal River Basins, U.S. Geological Survey

1996     Connecticut Resource Protection Project: Habitat Resources; Public Water Supply; Agricultural; Forest Resources; Recreational Resources; and Threats to Resources
1995 Connecticut Fish Distribution Report, Conn Dept of Environmental Protection
1994 Carabids Collected in Wilton, CT during Continuing Super 7 Inventory
1993 Amphibians and Reptiles of Connecticut and Adjoining Regions, M.W.Klemnens
1993 A Report on the Birds along the Proposed U.S. Route 7 Relocation, Norwalk, Wilton, Connecticut, Thomas R.Baptist
1991 Natural History Inventory: New Route 7 Expressway; Victor O. DeMasi
1977 Wild Mammals of New England, A.J.Godin
1976 Rare and Endangered Species of CT and their Habitats, J.J.Dowhan and R.J.Craig

Municipal conservation and development plans
Planning and zoning regulations
Inland wetland regulations
Other local environmental rules and regulations
State health codes
Planning documents of drinking water suppliers
Public drinking water supply watershed regulations
Wastewater facility plans






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